Giving Back

In 2014 I decided to donate the November profits from one of my businesses to charity. To this day I have kept up this tradition. Giving back is an important value for any business or individual to have. And this is my contribution to the greater good.

Give Hope

pieta house logoIt shocked me this year to find out that 392 people committed suicide in Ireland (2017).

399 the year before (2016).

Almost 800 people felt like they had no way out.  80% of them were men.

Pieta House do incredible work in supporting people who are feeling suicidal and their families.

Cancer Research

irish cancer society logo This was the year for cancer research.

This was a really personal one for me.

My family was one of the lucky families this year.

These guys do amazing work.

Enough said.

Give Blood

logo-give-bloodThis was the year of giving blood.

I made two donations (one blood and one platelet donation) and I am committed to making a minimum of 4 per year from now on.

It’s incredible how much good can be done with a pint of blood. All donations get used within 30 days. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help someone so quickly and so directly.

Give Furniture

PrintThis was the year of giving away my things.

I was moving house and decided that clutter was bad. I saw there were many people who could benefit from having my possessions so I gave them away to a charity that kits out homes for the homeless.

Living minimal was my new mantra.

Give Vision

fred-hollows-logoThis was the year of vision.

People kept asking me what my vision was for Nu Studio. What’s your vision? Then I got to thinking, what if you couldn’t actually see? What would your vision be like then? Both physical and metaphorical. So this year I decided to donate all the November profits from one of my businesses to the Fred Hollows Foundation. In their own words “Many people stay needlessly blind because they live in poverty. In developing countries, blindness denies people education, independence and the ability to work – things which can break the poverty cycle. But all this can be changed with as little as $25.”