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From the desk of Stephen Deane:

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Thanks for dropping by. I’m guessing you were searching “seo cork” or something similar in Google, right?

If that’s the case then welcome, you’ve come to the right place.

You see, everyday people are searching, just like you did, for goods and services on Google. They are looking to find all sorts of things including YOUR goods and YOUR services.

Now instead of them searching for your keywords and finding your competitors wouldn’t it be great if they found your website? I thought so.

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First let me take a second to introduce myself… My name is Stephen Deane. I have been optimising websites since 1999 (yes, that long!) and I have specialised in ranking websites on page one of Google since 2008. There are not many (if any) people as experienced as that in the SEO industry in Ireland.

I have a genuine passion for business and success – not only my own, but for others too. I realise that I want to help people succeed online, rather than “just doing SEO”. I have personally built hundreds of websites and have seen people wondering “what happens next?” SEO is the “what happens next”. You have a website, now you need people to visit it, interact with it, and ultimately do business with you.

I like to make people feel good about their businesses. A lot of feedback indicates that people find me honest and trustworthy and this makes them feel safe and cared for. Many people get a huge amount of SEO spam, and may have been badly burned by an SEO provider in the past. There seems to be a sense of relief when they come across my company. I can almost hear them saying “Thank goodness I’m in good hands here”.

Personally I’m a pretty visual type of person so I think these graphs give the indisputable facts that a.) having page one Google rankings is great for business and b.) I can deliver results.

number one in Google for seo cork

Number one in Google for “seo cork”.

Example 1 – eCommerce Store (Sales Figures)

Example 2 – Health Industry Blog (Traffic Numbers)


Example 3 – B2B Service Provider (Daily Leads Generated)

Example 4 – eCommerce Store (Keywords Ranking in Google)

Example 5 – Local Tradesman (Keywords Ranking in Google)

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Doing SEO on a website and ranking it highly in the search engines is hands down the best way to promote your business and generate leads. It is the most cost effective form of marketing and the leads it generates are both high quality and highly qualified.

Most businesses that fail do so because they lack high-quality and highly-qualified leads.

Imagine for a second that when you arrive at work every day you find your inbox full of enquiries from people who want to work with you. People who seek you out rather than you having to go chase them. Wouldn’t that be good?

How would that change your business?

Well, we can get that happening for you.

Search engine optimisation is an oft misunderstood process. A lot of “seo gurus” pride themselves on being all knowing when it comes to SEO, and they hide their strategies from you because it’s some kind of “secret sauce” or they claim they cannot divulge the information because it’s their proprietary mix of blah, blah, blah.  Well that is just BS to be honest.

The first thing you will get at Nu Studio is 100% total and absolute transparency.

We tell you about and show you all our work. This may seem normal to you and if it does I guarantee you haven’t worked with another SEO agency before.

Most SEO consultants hide their work from you because it is total garbage. It might get you some good rankings in the short term but the next time Google rolls out an update, guess what, your website will drop off page one never to be seen again.

Anyway, I never worry about Google updates. If you do things the right way then you will never have to worry about them either. The basics of SEO have never changed. Do it right if you are going to do it at all.

SEO is very simple in essence. You need to create high-quality content on your website and create links to that content from other high-quality websites.

That’s it.

That is the basics of SEO.

Now Google reportedly uses 200 factors to rank websites, so although it might be very easy in concept there is a bunch of technical bits and pieces that need to happen on your website, and a whole bunch of tick boxes that need to be checked before your website will rank well.

We know those 200 factors, but in reality only about 30-40 are really important to get right for most people. For very competitive niches you will need to consider more of them.

You can go and work out SEO yourself, as I said it’s not that hard, but it is very time-consuming and the truth is most business owners I’ve met simply don’t have the time to SEO their own websites.

For example, do you have time to write several 500+ word articles per month? Do you then have the time to go and contact tens of bloggers, website owners and news agencies each month requesting that they feature your articles? I thought not.

That’s where we come in.

We have a team of copywriters who will research your topic and write magazine quality articles about your topics. We will then outreach to bloggers, website owners and news agencies on your behalf and request that they feature the articles.

Each article will contain a link back to your website – a “backlink” to use the SEO vernacular. These links will be from authority websites (meaning high quality) and this is what will make you rank ahead of your competitors in Google search.

We will provide you with a full work report each month so you can keep track of what we are doing.

We will also keep you regularly updated on your rankings – no more opening up Google and searching for your keywords manually. That takes ages and surprisingly isn’t the most accurate way of doing it.

No more searching for your keywords and finding your competitors ahead of you.

The search is over for you…

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Still not convinced that getting a free proposal from me is a good idea? Check out what some of my clients have to say.

Our website soared in the rankings within 3 months

I contacted Steve Deane over 3 years ago in regards to SEO services.

From the first meeting we had, Steve was very personable and clearly knew his stuff when it came to SEO. We were incredibly confident and impressed after meeting with Steve and signed with Nu Studio immediately.

Our website soared in the rankings within 3 months, which was quite amazing and did not stop in gaining top rankings for keywords thanks to Nu Studio. Our business was firmly in the top positions on Google and our business has grown as a result.

Recently we made a decision to build a complete new site, which is always risky when having top google rankings already. Within 1 month, we have already secured top rankings once again on Google which is down to the work Nu Studio is doing.

We couldn't be happier with the work Steve and his team have done and are doing for us. It has enabled our business brand to grow and generate new business relationships.

I highly recommend the services of Steve Deane and Nu Studio for SEO. Steve is always on hand to answer any questions or provide advice along the way. He is a good communicator and great at what he does - our business is proof of that!

Brad W Business Owner SEO Services

The only advertising that I need to do nowadays is the work through Nu Studio

My advertising solution - I needed to be found online when people searched for the common keywords that relate to my business offerings.

Before Nu Studio I was outside the top 100 rankings, I had a nice looking website but no one found me online.

With the work that Steve Deane has done I am now in a page one position on Google search and am rewarded by the enquiries and clients that this delivers. The only advertising that I need to do nowadays is the work through Nu Studio.

Thanks Steve, keep up the good work.

Tony D Gym Owner SEO Services

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    Yours sincerely,

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